Peel Arts Collective: Chalk Mural @ Downtown Brampton’s Farmer’s Market

Artists associated with Peel Arts Collective had a lot to be thankful for this weekend! PAC has been working diligently for the past year to create subversive opportunities for artists within the Peel Region. PAC has used this word a lot when describing it’s initiatives and it essentially means  opportunities which disrupt an established system… Read More Peel Arts Collective: Chalk Mural @ Downtown Brampton’s Farmer’s Market

Music by Lady C

Lady C (aka Carolyn Hyde) is an experimental and multi-faceted composer, performer and visual artist of over 20 years. She uses both electronic and real world instruments for her sounds and visuals, including, but not limited to: voice, drums, hand percussion, piano, and guitar, and now theremin.  Most of her work is abstract and/or surreal in nature, both musically and visually. In… Read More Music by Lady C

Music by Simple Damned Device

Honoring the 70’s with bands like The Stranglers,Grand Funk Railroad and Bob Mould, the sonically ferocious stage and studio vets deconstruct and deliver power chords and heavy grooves- a soundtrack of fierce blues/sludge/rock alongside forceful vocals and lyrics that are caustic,painfully funny with raw observations on Love, Lawlessness and Neuroticism. ​ The music is an… Read More Music by Simple Damned Device